A Conference on Media Effectiveness

“Planning for Media Effectiveness Ι Creativity, the no1 driver of advertising Effectiveness”

Mike Campbell, Global Managing Partner, Ebiquity for Marketing Effectiveness
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Why it’s time to embrace our inner Socrates I b. From Stephen King’s 1974 “framework” to Mark Ritson- IPA’s 2022 “best way”

Sam Knowles, Founder, MD, and Chief Data Storyteller The Insight Agents Ltd, U.K.
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Analog & Digital Media

Σπύρος Παπαγεωργίου, Founder & Managing Partner, ADWEB
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“Special Guest”

Dmytro Shuplietsov, Head Digital Expert, Kwendi
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“Know the potential of your creative, for an informed media strategy”

Giovanni Frasca, Head of Commercial Excellence, Kantar Greece
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“Hope or guilt? The role of emotion in communicating about Sustainability”

Lela Charavgi, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Kantar Greece
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Zoe Harkness, Head of Training, TΗΙΝΚΒΟΧ
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“Selecting your Media Partner”

Laetitia Zinetti, Managing Director, Continental Europe, Ebiquity
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“Data? Yes! Which ones though?”

Ξένια Κούρτογλου, MSc., Ιδρύτρια Focus Bari
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